About Us

Restaurant Furniture is a leading supplier and distributor of high-quality furniture and equipment for homes, hotels, offices, bars, restaurants, cafes, lounges, and event centers across America.  

Our products make all the difference in giving your establishment a new appeal.  

Since our humble beginnings, we are proud of our progress so far, boasting an enviable clientele base of executives in the corporate and private sector, creative directors and businessmen and women. Our services include: 

Discount prices 

We are tasked with giving the lowest prices for all our products, unrivaled by none. Equipped with a wide variety of high-quality furniture to choose from, we offer them all at discount prices.  

Durable products 

We don’t only offer you the best products, you’re assured of reliable and durable products. Our furniture stands the test of time, resisting discoloration, fading, scratching, burning and general wear-and-tear. We pride in quality above anything else, providing the satisfaction you and your guest desire.    

Fast delivery time 

We are aware that our customers want their furniture delivered as fast as possible with the products in good condition. We have sustained that fashion since our inception, ensuring our clients get their ordered furniture in the shortest time possible. Our clients can also guarantee the furniture is received in perfect condition.  

Customer service.  

We are staffed with the best customer support agents manning our various lines, eager to provide solutions and answer to whatever questions you may have. You can call or send a mail to us, and we’ll respond to you in no time.