Warranty & Returns

Restaurantfurniture.org is a certified distributor for many renowned companies and corporate organizations, ensuring they get the best furniture at unrivaled prices online.  

Our warranty and return policies are in direct alignment with the companies that we represent. But here’s a rundown of everything you need to know before making that order.  

For warranty and return policies, please go through our supplier’s website below: 

Flash Furniture: https://www.flashfurniturestore.com/pages/return-policy#exceptions 

Price changes  

All the prices on each furniture are at the wholesale level and are updated regularly according to the manufacturer’s pricing. We will exercise the right to make increments on products that have not been fully paid.  

Hence, it is highly recommended to pay in full prior to the shipment date, to get an accurate deal from each product.  


Our primary source of communicating with our customers is by email. All your order updates will be sent to the email used when the order was placed. For transparency and security, please provide a valid email address when placing your order.  

Information collection 

Before placing your order, you will be asked to provide the following personal data: 

  • First name and last name  
  • Phone number  
  • Email address  
  • Contact address, state, ZIP/postal code, city 

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