Restaurant Table Bases

Table Bases

Table Bases

We have an excellent selection of table bases and tabletops for your restaurants and cafes. These table bases, available in various sizes will complement your tabletops and give your restaurant setting an upgrade in appeal.  

We have all you need; from attractive-looking, sturdy and pedestal table bases. Styles include round, T-shaped, cross styles you can select from. Some of these table bases are also available in bar-height for your bar faithful.  

They also come with foot rungs and footrests, an additional comfort your customer will appreciate.  

Our tabletops and bases come in black, chrome, stainless, silver, and gray to match the décor of your establishment.  

These tables can be easily stored when not in use and can be moved from one point of your café to another. For similar furniture, you can also browse through your collection and get them all at low prices. 

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