Restaurant Bar Stools

Bar Stools

Bar Stools

We have a dazzling collection of bar stools specifically designed for bars, diners, restaurants and coffee shops. Available in different sizes, these chairs provide maximum comfort and relaxation for your customers.  

Polished and sleek in appearance, these chairs are durable and will give your café a boost in ambiance and will fit snugly the existing décor of your restaurant. These commercial stools are ideal for seating at the bar as your customers wait for a table, or order a drink.  

While there are bar stools of bar height, we also provide counter-height stools for flexibility. For easy and compact storage, these chairs are can be properly stacked if not in use.  

Styles to choose from include ladder, slate, perforated back styles, window and many more.  

We are also equipped with outdoor bar stools that can be used at sushi bars, giving your customers a suitable height to savor and enjoy their meals.  

These stools are the perfect addition to your outdoor beer garden, patio, poolside bars, pizzerias, dells, and outdoor cafes. If you’re looking out to create a retro, modern or industrial feel, we have the stools to make that happen. Some of these stools come with armrests and back support, depending on what you need.  

These stools come with rubber glides to protect the floors from cracks, and for easy mobility. These chairs are also stackable for easy setup and storage after use.  

If you’re wondering where to purchase outdoor bar stools for your business, we are here for you. For similar furniture, we have all you need. 

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